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Frequently Asked Questions On SEO Friendly Domains
  1. What are SEO Friendly Domains? - SEO friendly domains are well, simply put - domains that work well for search engine optimization because they match the terms that users are likely to or often search search for. It is a recognizable term, brand or saying.

    One thing people often miss in their search for a good name, they sometimes stinge on web hosting or security, without realizing the \"numberplate\" is as important as the \"car\" - Google tends to rank sites that load fast and have SSL certs higher in search results, simply for the fact that they know it improves the user experience - and sites that have that, only become more popular over time because people favour it as a search result selection.

  2. What is an "exact match domain?" - An exact match domain is one that contains the exact text that matches the search term. An exact match domain (or EMD) is a website domain that includes the keywords you're targeting right in the search results. For example, if you were an advertising agency in Malaysia, an exact match domain would be

    However nice the name though, if it does not contain what it says it does - it will undoubtedly drop in search results in time. Google's focus on machine learning means that the algorithm is consistently improving itself, and rolling itself back if it makes a mistake.

    While SEO experts are divided on whether EMDs are still as relevant as they were before, it is undeniable that an EMD is still a plus factor, and the fact that even Google makes revisions to how they are ranked.
  3. Why are emoji domains important? Imagine if you could register one domain that could would be understood by anyone, despite what languages they know?

    That's essentially what emoji domain names are - As said it - \"In the future, as the world becomes increasingly digital and increasingly globalized, emoji will become important tools for translation and communication—a lingua franca for the digital age.\"
  4. Enquire on a domain -

Major Updates in Google History Involving SEO Friendly Domains

  1. 2012-10-26: Major Domain Name Registrar Blames Google For Drop in Name Sales - Major Domain Name Registrar Blames Google For Drop in Name Sales", "description": "The number of new domains being registered, and existing domains being renewed, is slowing down and Verisign — the company that operates the .com and .net domain registries — says Google is a main reason why their growth in new .com and .net registrations was only 1%

  2. 2014-10-05: Google Prioritizes RankBrain AI After It Consistently Outperforms Own EngineersGoogle begins to rely heavier on RankBrain's AI to rank search results, especially after tests with their own in-house engineers showed that AI outperformed them in selecting better results
  3. 2018-10-25 : Google Incorporates User Browsing Behaviour Into Search Ranking Factors Search results are further improved by taking cues from UI and user behaviour like mouse movement and time spent scrolling / not scrolling - for example, sites that users that close quickly drop in search results in time. It's admittingly odd to know that Google was not ranking this as a factor before - relying more on backlinks as a measure of quality.

  4. 2018-12-21: Google Issues Update To Algorithm To Revalue Unfairly Punished Sites - Google issued an update to to the algorithm that improved the value of sites that were 'wrongly punished' simply for having a memorable domain - and rewrote to focus more of the ranking on the value of the site content to the user.